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Trax Soft suggests the traces of washed-away footprints vanished over time, leaving only subtle and minimalist lines. The result is a surface that is decorative but sufficiently neutral to serve as a base upon which to build relationships between all the other collections. On the other hand, in Trax Hard, these lines emerge more forcefully and impose themselves with expressive strength.

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The colors of Trax

All color variations

Soft Cotton

Hard Cotton

Soft Camel

Hard Camel

Soft Ash

Hard Ash

Soft Slate

Hard Slate

Data sheet

1. 90x90
2. 45x90 cm
3. Skirting 7x90 cm
Thickness 10 mm
Minimum recommended grout line 2mm

Porcelain gres glazed, rectified

Trax90 Catologue
Trax90 Technical sheet

DB Studio

DB Studio (Decoratori Bassanesi Studio) is the internal R&D group of Decoratori Bassanesi. In addition to coordinating the workshop stage of all research projects, the group also designs some of the studio’s collections (in this volume, Trax, Seeds and Luci di Venezia).

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