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Luci di Venezia

The beauty of the creative process: from idea to form

Interior design is a world of endless fascination that we never tire of exploring to bring you our innovative, and highly sought-after solutions. For us, to design a product is to explore an idea, to set out on a new journey, to discover new, contemporary languages capable of generating longlasting surface coverings made from the finest materials and with unrivalled attention to detail.

Luci di Venezia

We approach the design and manufacture of our new materials directly and honestly, taking the product’s function as the starting point on the path into the heart of the creative process – investigation, exploration and experimentation – and the development of new visual and tactile sensations.


Along the way, we are fortunate to be able to collaborate with some of the most exciting figures working in the field of interior decor and design.

And in turn, the sensibility of our designers and the demands of the developers who use their products drives the exploration of new technologies and functionalities, opening up new design scenarios. The creation of a new collection begins with a blank page and the start of a fresh, new composition that will lead to a unique and, for us, inevitably surprising result.

Data sheet

Venezia, Rialto, Onde, Cristallo
1. 60x120 cm
2. 60x60 cm
3. 30x60 cm
4. 6x60 cm battiscopa
Thickness: ≈4,8 mm ≈12 mm

5. 120x120 cm
6. 60x120 cm
7. 60x60 cm
8. 6x60 cm battiscopa
Thickness: ≈4,8 mm

Intreccio 7.2
9. 30x30 cm Tessera 7,2 cm
10. 30x30 cm Tessera 2,3 cm
Thickness: ≈4,8 mm

11. L=50 cm
12. L=45 cm
Roll lenght 10 m

13. 30x30 cm
14 30x60 cm
Thickness: ≈5 mm


DB Studio

DB Studio (Decoratori Bassanesi Studio) is the internal R&D group of Decoratori Bassanesi. In addition to coordinating the workshop stage of all research projects, the group also designs some of the studio’s collections (in this volume, Trax, Seeds and Luci di Venezia).

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