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The Lofoten collection evokes the majestic Nordic nature and breathtaking landscapes dotted with colourful huts.

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This collection comes in various colours, ranging from the warm shades of rust, beige, and white of the rorbuer’s roofs and structures to the shades of blue, grey, and woodland green evoking the Nordic landscapes.

The colors of LOFOTEN

All color variations

Large Frost

Small Frost

Large Sand

Small Sand

Large Cloud

Small Cloud

Small Baltic

Small Forest

Small Red Berry

Data sheet

1. LARGE 31x80 cm
2. SMALL 31x80 cm
Thickness 9 mm
Minimum racommended joint 2 mm

White body double fired rectified


Federica Biasi

Federica Biasi started her professional career in Italy, followed by 2 years in Amsterdam where she explored nordic design, learned to identify emerging trends and developed her own style. The focus was on formal simplicity: soft, graceful and detailed, with an always clean aesthetic approach. In 2015 she returned to Milan where she set up Federica Biasi Studio.

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