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Norm Architects has created a collection capable of interacting with our senses and playing with the contrast between light and shadow, allowing surfaces to change appearance throughout the day, while maintaining a “soft minimal” style with a calm and balanced character.

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The collection is structured around two different textures: the first is linear and three-dimensional, the second has a smoother surface. The design allows you to create material combinations reminiscent of those you might encounter when walking through Copenhagen’s oldest neighbourhoods: places packed with unique and imperfect details, which are also understated and very welcoming.

The colors of COPENHAGEN

All color variations

Natural Paper

Texture Paper

Natural Desert

Texture Desert

Natural Clay

Texture Clay

Natural Powder

Texture Powder

Natural Stone

Texture Stone

Data sheet

1. 90x90 cm
2. 45x90 cm
3. 22,5x90 cm
5. 22,5x45 cm
4. Stick 22,5x22,5 cm - Listelli 4,5x22,5 cm Mesh-mounted
5. Mosaic 31,5x31,5 cm - Tessera 4,5x4,5 cm Mesh-mounted random
Thickness 9 mm
Minimum racommended joint 2 mm

Porcelain gres glazed, rectified

Copenhagen catalogue
Copenhagen Technical sheet

Norm Architects

Much like human well-being, the essence of Norm Architects’ work is found in the balance between richness and restraint, between order and complexity.

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