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Brush, a brush stroke that transforms Colours

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The collection of ceramic surfaces Colours by Decoratori Bassanesi is decorated with the decisive line of Paola Navone. The name of the new Decoratori Bassanesi range recalls the material experience of the brushstroke. The palette chosen by Paola Navone to characterise Colours recalls the foundation of the range that becomes the canvas and sheet of a new work. The decorative stroke creates a new play of colours with its Royal Blue, Iron, Black, Light Grey, Marine Green and Dark Gray decors. Available in the size 23.25x23.25 cm, each variant has 4 different faces for each base.

The colors of BRUSH

All the color variants have 4 different faces

Brush Light Grey

Brush Black

Brush Azure

Brush Marine Green

Brush Royal Blue

Brush Iron

Data sheet

1. 23,25x23,25 cm
Each fund has 4 different faces
Thickness 8,5 mm
Minimum racommended joint 2 mm.

Porcelain gres Glazed

Brush Catalogue
Brush Technical sheet

Paola Navone

An open and eclectic dreamer: the flavours and colours of the global South that she knows and loves live in her mind and soul, in harmony with the taste and forms of the Western world and its rich traditions – open and in motion. All of this is the basis for the unquenchable curiosity of her constant search for materials, forms and structures, in the past, present and future.

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