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Brandless Studio

Brandless Studio was conceived from the fusion of independent design experiences and a multidisciplinary approach to the project, orienting stylistic research and the development of an eclectic language to the creation of environments and design objects with a strong iconographic identity.


Constantly seeking out scenic suggestions and styles that combine materials rediscovered in form and function to subvert the rules of spatiality, Brandless Studio loves to tailor unconventional environments with a strong emotional drive, designing objects and scenarios capable of transmitting an unusual magnetism, retracing the use of high visual impact materials and colours with the intention of providing unique solutions shaped on the individuality of the project.


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Rocket draws its inspiration from and pays tribute to compositional boldness, bright colours and the use of geometric shapes and textures designed to inspire optimism typical of the Memphis Group and of its post modernist exploration, far from the banality of aseptic design.

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