Designers Archive - Decoratori Bassanesi


Keiji Takeuchi

Born in Japan in 1977, Milan-based Keiji Takeuchi graduated with a bachelor in product design in New Zealand where he moved when he was only 15 years old and he also did his scholar study at ENSCI / Les Ateliers in Paris during 1999.

Brandless Studio

Brandless Studio was conceived from the fusion of independent design experiences and a multidisciplinary approach to the project, orienting stylistic research and the development of an eclectic language to the creation of environments and design objects with a strong iconographic identity.

Federica Biasi

Federica Biasi started her professional career in Italy, followed by 2 years in Amsterdam where she explored nordic design, learned to identify emerging trends and developed her own style. The focus was on formal simplicity: soft, graceful and detailed, with an always clean aesthetic approach. In 2015 she returned to Milan where she set up … Continued

Margherita Rui

Designer and creative director of several Italian interior brands.

Norm Architects

Much like human well-being, the essence of Norm Architects’ work is found in the balance between richness and restraint, between order and complexity.

Alissa + Nienke

Combining extensive material experimentation with a simple mission to put human experience at the centre of their work, they design materials, objects and installations that trigger curiosity and interaction.

Sebastian Herkner

Blending various cultural contexts and combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship in order to highlight the multifaceted beauty of the materials and draw renewed attention to small details.

Paola Navone

An open and eclectic dreamer: the flavours and colours of the global South that she knows and loves live in her mind and soul, in harmony with the taste and forms of the Western world and its rich traditions – open and in motion. All of this is the basis for the unquenchable curiosity of … Continued

Lex Pott

In his work, the materials used, the conditions under which the pieces were constructed and the techniques employed are always clearly identifiable.

Guglielmo Poletti

Subtle gestures allow him to achieve a deeper impact, by deconstructing an image and then restoring it with the smallest of operations. His approach is based on a ‘thinking by doing’ philosophy, which he combines with a good deal of intuition, to produce extremely coherent results.

DB Studio

DB Studio (Decoratori Bassanesi Studio) is the internal R&D group of Decoratori Bassanesi. In addition to coordinating the workshop stage of all research projects, the group also designs some of the studio’s collections (in this volume, Trax, Seeds and Luci di Venezia).

Nendo – Oki Sato

Nendo is a design firm with offices in Tokyo and Milan founded by Oki Sato in 2002.